Answer 35 Yes/No Questions to see how you can engage Millennials/Gen Z in your organisation better

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The scorecard will measure you against 7 areas of engaging Millennials / Gen Z


How much are you prioritising efficiency by leveraging technology?


How well can you motivate your employees intrinsically?


How often do you provide growth opportunities for your team members?


How well-equipped are you to deliver feedback that inspires your team members on a frequent basis?


How strong are the friendships amongst your team members in a work setting?


How are you incorporating a culture of 'work hard play hard' amongst your team members?


How flexible are you when it comes to your team members working from different locations?

Have you read the book?

Based on the book 'Engaging Millennials' and developed over the last 4 years interviewing over 100 Startups, SMEs, and MNCs all around Asia, the Scorecard has become a trusted tool for shaping the required competencies  brand to recruit, reward and retain the top  young talents in your industry.

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"I took the millennial minds scorecard and I have to mention the detailed questions in the survey pushes you to think beyond just superficial HR jargon like engagement, motivation and retention and gets you to focus on purpose and big picture employee experience we should be giving this new-gen workforce."

- Meena Kumari, Airmeet
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The Millennial Employer of Choice Scorecard benchmarks your ability to engage the young generation - existing and future employees - in a new world of work

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